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Product innovation is the key to growth and customer satisfaction. At Stickney Hill, we pride ourselves on specialized ingredient and packaging innovation to satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers. Stickney features its innovation for ingredient application as well as product delivery innovation. Today, Stickney Hill features:

  • Goat Cheese Medallions - Ideal for salad and specialty pizza applications, these frozen chevre medallions can improve delivery of great taste and reduce entr�e preparation.

  • Crumbled Goat Cheese - Goat cheese is one of the most dynamic cheeses made on the planet. How many types of cheese can be used in salads, entr�e’s and desserts? Goat cheese crumbles are ideal.

  • Goat Cheese Powders - Product differentiation is difficult in the mature and competitive snack food market. Contact Stickney Hill for specialty goat cheese powders that will certainly separate your product from the competition.

  • Goat Butter - Challenged with an application that requires a lower melting point? Stickney Hill FarmGate brand goat butter will solve your issue and support a more even melt throughout your bakery or entrie application.


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