The only way to make great tasting cheese is to start with fresh, quality milk. At Stickney Hill Dairy adhere to the most rigorous standards in the industry to ensure that we have fresh quality milk. Each day we process milk made by our own producers into the finest cheeses in the nation through a combination of time honored traditions. Through our seven-step HACCP program, Stickney Hill ensures that every vat of cheese we produce will have the same fresh, creamy taste time after time.

Located in the heart of Minnesota’s dairy industry, Stickney Hill operates three dairy facilities that focus on the production of cheese, butter, milk powders and specialty packaging.

When you think of Stickney Hill Products remember...

  • Fresh Goat Milk Produced by Stickney Hill Dairy's Own Dairy Goat Producers

  • Active HACCP Program (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points)

  • Strict Quality Control

  • The Most Complete Product Offering in the Industry

  • Consistent Fresh Flavor


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